A Parisians' obsession

I have heard a lot about Paris-girls shoes, they are -as everyone else, I guess- fond of ballerinas. Of course that must be true, but what really struck me was this: Tropéziennes par M. Belarbi. A Paris-based shoe brand (there isn't really much info on their website), that is literally everywhere in Paris. Always the same shape, Roman style sandals, but in different colours, sometimes even in a horrendous mix of flashy colours (...).

The first time I noticed it was at my office, where four out of seven women are wearing them on a daily basis. Then I started looking around and I surprisingly found out that Parisian women (young, middle-age, elderly, tall, short, thin, big...) are wearing them everywhere.

They seem so out-of-fashion and if so, then why every single girl in Paris is still wearing them? Are Roman style sandals coming back or they never really leave?

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Couture Carrie said...

Good trendspotting, darling!
They are not for me, but...